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Do you think Blood Donation will make any difference to you? - YES OF COURSE!!

What priceless gift is there than the gift of life? Save the life of up to 3 people with a single donation of blood as blood cannot be manufactured or harvested. Imagine how you would feel in helping life spring from death, turning sorrow to hope and making a terrible loss become a gift, so donate blood and be a lifesaver for someone.

Blood donor search Mobile App - LifeDonor

Facts about the donors:

If you start donating blood at age 18 years and donated every 90 days until you reached 60, you would have donated 30 gallons of blood, potentially helping save more than 500 lives! The non availability of a donor at the most needed hour should not be the reason for a loss of life.

Through our endeavor, we wish to bring voluntary blood donors and those in need of blood on to a common platform. LifeDonor app aims is helping save human lives by tackling the problem of unavailability of blood by bridging the gap between donors and recipients who need blood or platelets and thus help avert crisis situations.

Features of the app -
  • Login and register as a blood donor.
  • Search by Blood Type and get a list of the nearest voluntary blood donors.
  • Contact a donor through call/sms
  • Share a donor’s information with someone in need.
  • A list of Blood Banks is also available.

“Tears of loved ones can not save lives. But your BLOOD can!”

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